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Funky Zig-Zag Reusable coffee cup

Funky Zig-Zag Reusable coffee cup

Our branded travel cups mean you can support us in style wherever your love for hot drinks takes you.


Ecoffee cup

The natural fibre used in Ecoffee Cup is an upcycled byproduct previously burned by farmers. These materials are plentiful and do not require forest, food or compost-compromise farming.


Lids & Sleeves

Our lids and sleeves are made from pure, food grade silicone, using oxygen and silica (sand) as their base material. They are suitable for high temperature usage up to +120°C 


- Independently tested in the EU

- Dishwasher and Microwave friendly

- Suitable for daily usage up to +100°C

- Free from animal or animal-derived products


Volume: 350ml/ 12oz
Height: 105mm/ 4⅛ inch
Top diameter: 85mm/ 3.35 inch
Bottom diameter: 60mm/ 2.4 inch
Weight: 142g/ 5.50oz

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